CCC LogoThe Centennial Children’s Chorus (CCC) builds upon the vocal training offered in the schools and is dedicated to performing quality music literature in a variety of musical experiences that can be enjoyed by all ages. Repertoire is selected to fit the skill level of each choir with focus on quality choral works for children’s choirs. Former CCC members have gone on to teach music, perform in professional music organizations, and perform in musical theater in venues around the world.

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CCC Choirs

Jubilate: “Joyful Voices”
Jubilate is a performance choir for singers in grades 3-6, with major emphasis on vocal training and perform in the traditional concert schedule.
Director: Michael Apodaca

Bel Canto: “Beautiful Singing”
Bel Canto is for advanced young singers in grades 4-6. Besides extensive vocal training, they focus on two and three part choral literature and perform in the traditional concert schedule.
Director: Wendi Burback

Cantare: “To Sing”
Cantare is the intermediate choir for Grades 6-8. They concentrate on further development of their vocal skills and are part of the traditional concert schedule.
Directors: Karen Nuttall / Sheri McKelfresh

Sala Voce: “Chamber Voices”
Sala Voce is the most advanced group of singers in CCC, and is open only to singers, grades 6-8, who have been in CCC for at least one year. They perform the most difficult repertoire and have extra musical responsibilities and experiences.
Directors: Sheri McKelfresh / Karen Nuttall